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Let Staffiere Home Management Services do it for you!!!

  • We are able to match the right tenant to the right property so we are able to get the right results always.
  • We also offer value added services of managing your property after renting it out!  Your property is one of your most valuable assets!  Are you available to take care of it? If not, do not rely on favours; let the professionals manage it for you.
  • Our property management service is designed to ensure landlords are not unduly bothered save for authorisation of repairs etc at an agreed cost level.  We treat your property as our own and assure that when work is carried out it will be finished to the highest standards.
  • We appreciate the importance of maintaining your properties in good condition for the mutual benefit of both landlords and tenants.
  • We undertake regular scheduled inspections of your property and ensure prompt maintenance and repairs are organised at competitive cost from our pool of reliable and experienced contractors.
  • We treat every person as an individual therefore our services are tailored to suit individual needs.  This is what makes us different from agents.
  • Let us help you discover a new way of living.